Hashtags Can Kill You (by Murat Renay*)

On the Sunday of the 8th July, Twitter Trending Topic of Turkey had an uprising hate speech:#escinsellikyasaklansin (#beinggayshallbebanned). This hashtag was created by a witty Turkish Twitter user to ‘mock’ the soft headed Twitter users and evaluate their ignorance (so he said!).

On the way to the crest of the hashtags, this sentence had a reaction that was really split into two parts. The homophobes who were very pleased about this hashtag and clicked to see like minded individuals and those who had been exposed to many LGBTT supporters who were insulting to the creators and sponsors of this hate speech. These LGBTT supporters were so high in number that the real homophobes’ tweets remained very lame in the hashtag timeline.

However, this one hashtag led to a murder in Southern Turkey(Antalya). On Tuesday July 10th, a transsexual named Nese Dilseker -AKA‘Mother Secil’ was found murdered in her home. Nese who was 46yrs had her throat slit. Police are still investigating her murder (hopefully) but we are almost sure about one thing , that the killer is a furious homophobe. The killer got the ‘nerve’ from the never-ending homophobia in Turkey to this day. He probably saw this Twitter trending topic, although now it doesn’t really matter because this outdated-rusty hate was and always will be there so individuals need no permission from anyone to shed more blood, this is what the killer did. This hate speech led to a cold-blooded murder (one more time)

This is not the first example of an LGBTT individual to be murdered after a mass hate speech and probably it won’t be the last. The Turkish goverment’s indifferent attitude for these hate crimes are also most definitely, encouraging these monsters.

As the hate speeches for LGBTTs are rising in Turkey, the LGBTT movement is rising against it also. This years LGBTT Pride March in İstanbul took place with the participation of over 10,000 people and protests against homophobia are exceedingly growing. Not the politicians, artists or journalists but more and more inglorious individuals are coming out every day. Many writers, bloggers and actresses are trying to tell the community that LGBTTs are not the marginals who came from outer space. We all try to tell everyone that we have already blended in. As we are speaking louder than we did before, we are gaining more and more visibility. This “LGBTT visibility” is raising a new issue for our society because the Turkish community has managed to ignore the sexual identity of the late Zeki Muren, a dashing gay singer with exaggerated feminine stage costumes. Zeki Muren masked his sexual identity by having female lovers and sadly passed away without coming out. It’s a sad story but which may be the biggest example of one of the nation’s remaining acts of ignorance to LGBTT reality.

Within future years, the Turkish community will be forced to face up to its LGBTT minority and realise that these groups are not as “minor” as they think. This face-off will be loud and probably gory if the supreme power won’t take any immediate precautions. More transsexuals will wait for their death angel in a dark alley or will be scared that their customers may slay them. Customers are a huge threat for them because nearly all of the transsexuals are forced into prostutition by the result of unemployment/marginalization and their customers are mostly heterosexual men ! Men who call themselves straight and are full of hate towards sexual intercourse with LGBTTs. A big contradiction, which therefore has LGBTT individuals paying for it.

If all the evil circumstances above are right, one hashtag in the trending topic of Twitter leads to a murder then you may be killed, especially if you are an LGBTT in Turkey.

*Murat Renay is a gay author from Turkey who was born in 1978. He has published his two autobiography book THE UNSAID and I’M NOT THE TYPE OF GUYS YOU’D KNOW in the sense of “Memoirs of a Turkish Muslim Gay Man”. Other than his sensational books he is a DJ, an information technology expert and blog owner of Turkey’s well known LGBTT Superhero blog:http://homohobi.blogspot.com and http://muratrenay.wordpress.com

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