We’re Everywhere!*

(This is a chapter from the blogger MURAT RENAY’s first book THE UNSAID-SÖYLENMEYEN) 

Due to your knowledge about gays, I am sure that from now on you’ll stare at the guys around you much more carefully. And who knows, maybe you’ll spot the gays better than you did before.Ok but where are these gays? Where do they live?

Not in the outer space for sure.

To see the gays as a minority is correct in some ways. Having a gay identity may put him into a basket besides of his/her other modalities, but it wouldn’t be wrong when said that gays are everywhere with a substantial existence

On a rough calculation if we want to set a number for gay people, especially in the countries while the conservative society’s pressure is intense like Turkey, we must consider the group for the gays who are visible (out) and also consider the same (or plus) crowd for the gays in heterosexual camouflage (out of necessity). If you think about adding the people who say “Nothing’s wrong to try with a guy for once” or “I was a top, I  screwed him, so it doesn’t count,I am not gay” guys to this sum, this fast-growing numbered calculation becomes really annoying to homophobes.

One night when Iwas cruising gay bars and places with my friends, I saw a familiar face who was working as a staff manager in one of my old jobs. He was in his car haggling with some transvestites for sex in the middle of the busy avenue. All I could say was “Whoops!” when i saw him like this, because he was notoriously known as a “manly man” and he was a pure homophobe. He always made jokes about gays and tried to insult them every time he had a chance. I thought, if a manly man like that can be into transvestites, than we are really much much more than we/you think.

One man’s staring to another does not always mean that he’s gay of course, but because gay men can’t express their feelings/appreciation as well as a straight guy in this matter, the eyes become very important. Eyes are the gay man’s secret way of talking. The gays check out a cab or bus driver’s hair, neck, hand, veins on his arm and burn them on their memory (if they are sure that nobody is watching them of course). This small details can be a real turn-on for them. If they are caught on action during this

sheer delight, they can look the other way and pretend as if it never happened or if they have a hope for an answerback they can consider to go on with this interaction. Don’t be surprised when I say that sometimes they get a positive reaction from these so-called straight guys. I mean the gays’ driver-worker wet dream isn’t always absurd.

For many gays the straight guys, who are unconcious of their manly beauty are considered as wandering around just to tease them. Of course these guys are hardly supermodels, they are just ordinary guys and they actually don’t intend to tease any gays(!) but to say that their natural manly beauty (their muscled arms or legs, rich eyelashes, beautiful eyes, beards and bony handsome faces) is mostly appreciated by gays would not be wrong. In fact one gay’s fancying another guy does not always require muscles, godlike faces or body. The grocery store owner of your district, the office boy at work or the boy next door who likes to wear gray tracksuit (total turn-
on for me 🙂 ) is alright too. If he also goes  to the gym, it is a huge plus  for gays and it is just for only one simple reason: Being a man. Gays usually don’t discriminate men for their financial condition, having a bad attitude or any other details like these. To be honest, we believe in “come as you are” philosophy.

So where are these gays ?

These peeking gays are everywhere. Your single neighbour, your colleague, guy from the gym, anyone can be gay! Nobody’s safe! 🙂

Of course this is only a figurative speech. If no one harasses another, there’s nothing wrong about it. A straight guy can stare another guy because of envy maybe.There is no need for any sexual urge in every glance.

The biggest proble
m is the heterosexual (or in fact the bisexual) guys who are into these kind of sexual relations when asked for it and having  intercourse with homosexual men, transsexuals/transvestites, yet again denying it, abusing the gays in every possible way with referring them as dirty faggots like he was not one of “that”.

To taste this forbidden fruit all together is absolutely delicious, that’s for sure, but when it comes to respect  one another, actually turning into an asshole is really priceless!

*This piece is a chapter from Murat Renay’s book SÖYLENMEYEN(THE UNSAID).

Special thanks to Uğur Mehter (@mehterr on Twitter) for his help in translation.

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