Ever wonder the gay facts about Turkish Baths?

One of the legendary LGBT movies of all time: Hamam-The Turkish Bath introduced Turkish Bath’s homoerotic initiative to the worldwide. This movie is filmed by Turkish director Ferzan Özpetek as you may know from our previous posts.

Ferzan Özpetek’s Movie HAMAM-THE TURKISH BATH

There’s no need to tell you the history of the Turkish Baths i guess, but if you must know we can simply say it’s one of the oldest element of the Ottoman Empire.

The myth about Turkish Bath’s homoerotism is discreet and somehow obvious in a way. In Turkey, i don’t suggest any gay person to ask any Turkish Bath’s owner about “where the gay crowd is” because he’ll probably get frustrated. “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy is viable in these Turkish Baths. There’s no obvious “gay Turkish bath” in Turkey.

istanbul03You can find various kinds of guys in Turkish baths, especially if you are a fan of bears or hairy studs. If you want to taste a sexy gay romance adventure, please try to be very cautious. Do not make a move to any guy until you are sure that he’s interested in you or do not try to approach to any Tellak (Masseur of the Turkish Baths) before he sends signals to you. Otherwise your steamy romance can end ugly.

Beware of the escort guys or rentboys – as you may find in every sauna around the world infact- if you don’t intend to pay for sex.


My humble recommendation about Turkish Baths is :Try to enjoy these places as you are a sultan or sultan’s favorite. Don’t expect too much but prepare yourself for the surprises 🙂

Here are some more information and full listings of Turkish baths in İstanbul.



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