Gays in bed on Turkish prime time tv? WTF?

Can you imagine two gay character in a tv serial, in bed and half-naked, at prime-time tv on one of the biggest and conservative TV channels of Turkey ( A Muslim majority country) ?

Yes, strange but true, this really happened!

On September 17th,2010, around 9 pm, a tv-series premiere of Kılıç Günü (Day of Sword) was on the Turkey’s one of  the biggest TV channels ATV (known as being close to goverment and it’s conservative policies) This tv series is an anticipated return of director Osman Sınav, who was the creator of the biggest and highest-rated crime- mafia-series in Turkish Television, Kurtlar Vadisi (The Valley of Wolves)

In the beginning everything was normal, this series seemed based on a gangster family with a godfather and his sons.What’s unusual is, one of his sons were gay. And this gay son was just out of the shower lying down with his (supposedly) boyfriend.

For the Turkish wievers, who are not used to any (obvious) LGBT characters in TV (or in any place) this scene was a shock. Because LGBTs in Turkish Tv are caricatured highly feminine as to be mocked in comedy series usually. They can host a show also but with their feminine attitude. A masculine gay character was never ever raised in any Tv series.

After this shock, Tv show’s director Osman Sınav made a statement that blew everything up. He said that “we must show every evil in these kind of people” He meant being gay is a bad thing and many LGBT activists reacted to this stupid statement.

I believe that he had good intentions while placing this character in the show but after the reaction of the society he changed his mind.

For any reason whatsoever this scene will remain one of the milestones of Turkish LGBT visibility on Tv.

Note: Same Tv is channel, ATV is now censoring the word “gay” even in the speeches of the Tv Shows characters.

One response to “Gays in bed on Turkish prime time tv? WTF?

  1. I don’t really mind that he made that statement. He had already foreseen a backlash. How could he not? He had already decided on what to say.

    Gays becoming accepted in Turkey will not go without a struggle. Anyone to think so is a fool.

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