GQ TURKEY’s Men Of The Year award goes to a gay couple?

This week has a really important milestone for Turkish Gays’ visibility history. Turkish GQ Magazine has awarded a gay couple as MEN OF THE YEAR in the “Best Director” category.

I can hear you say “WTF?”

Yes, this is true.

Mehmet Binay and Caner Alper has won the award. They had directed Turkish Indie movie “ZENNE(ZENNE DANCER)” which was about a gay-honour killing of Ahmet Yıldız.

It’s really a “big deal” for our community who are likely  to see gays as “feminine” characters for a gay couple to be chosen as MEN OF THE YEAR. And even a bold move came from the directors when in the award acceptance speeches as they made it obvious that thay are gay.

Here are their speeches:


In our movie, Ahmet was saying ‘Suçum mene!’ in Kurdish, meaning ‘All my

fault. Forgive me’. He was apologizing from his father for what he was.

People in my country are still being murdered even if they apologise for

who or what they are. There is hardly any justice. We dreamt of a country

where honesty does not result in murder, and a homeland where identity

is no longer a threat to life. By making this film, we were honest about our

own identity.

Our aim was to get distribution nationwide and achieve screenings all over

the world resulting at least a million people to discussing LGBT issues in

Turkey. We think, to some extent, we have reached our goal.


Tonight, GQ Turkey is awarding a prize called ‘Men of the Year’ for the first

time in our country. The fact that two gays are recognized as men of the

year is a very important fact for Turkey.

It is a sign that psychological boundaries in the minds of our society, our

media and individuals are now starting to disappear, and in a way, we are

democratizing ourselves.

Thank you.”

Cheers to Mr. Alper and Mr.Binay , not for only this expressive award but also for this fantastic speeches.

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