Is Tarkan gay?

Tarkan, one of Turkey’s most acclaimed male music artists, is one of the hottest Turkish guys out there. Over the course of his dashing musical career, he has entertained fans around the world.

Tarkan was born on October 17, 1972 in Alzey, Germany and lived there until age 15 when his family decided to move back to Turkey. After 1993, Tarkan became the most important star in the Turkish pop music scene through his two albums “Yine Sensiz” (selling over 700,000 copies) and “Aacayipsin” (selling over 2 million copies). In late 1994, he moved to New York where he studied English as well as gave an international dimension to his career. His third album “Ölürüm Sana” was released in Turkey as well as in European countries like Germany, France, Belgium and England where he has toured and filled up important European venues. When the single “Simarik-Kiss Kiss” became an instant hit in Europe, Universal Music France decided to release an album for the European market by compiling the best songs of Tarkan’s second and third albums; the result was the album “Tarkan”.

Tarkan has toured in Germany, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, the Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and Australia. In May of the same year, he received an award for  best selling Turkish artist at the World Music Awards, further bringing him worldwide attention, especially in Latin America.

Aside from his career in music, his fans have repeatedly asked “Is Tarkan gay?” because of his feminine and masculine energy (and his leaked scandalous photos).

It all started in May 2001. One of Turkey’s largest TV channels (Show TV) broadcasted some of Tarkan’s photos that were claimed to have been stolen from his former residence. In one of these photos, Tarkan was caught naked with a guy, probably on a nude beach. Another photo demonstrated that he was almost kissing a guy with their speedos on.


After this scandal burst, Tarkan kept quiet for a few days. He then confronted the press with a remark.

At a short press conference, he mentioned that they were his photos, however, this was his private life and only God could judge him. He also mentioned about the thieves who have been blackmailing him with these photos. So, in a way, he accepted the probability of his being gay, but of course the plot thickens.

After this “almost” coming out incident,  Tarkan tried to prove that he was not gay. He has had several girlfriends and has lived his relationships openly with huge visibility in the eyes of the press. He gave a decent French kiss to a girl in his video clip. Nonetheless, he underlined in his interviews that he was not gay but at the same time did not believe in the concept of “family”.

Tarkan’s situation whether he is gay or not will always remain a mystery. Moreover; if he is indeed gay, he will not easily come out in a country like ours. Therefore, don’t expect a “Ricky Martin Case” from Turkey.

Yes, maybe you haven’t been able to find the answer to Tarkan’s sexual orientation in this article, however, there is one thing that we are sure about: if he is gay, bisexual or heterosexual, we will continue adoring him and his work. He is forever going to be the favorite Turkish male singer of our era. Long live Tarkan!



Here’s Tarkan’s latest single with English subtitles

11 responses to “Is Tarkan gay?

  1. He already IS a “Ricky Martin case.” Everyone knew Ricky Martin was, and he dodged the issue until it was too late for anyone to really care.

  2. He might be gay but he also might not be. Whichever is true remains to be seen. Anyways, I love him asan artist as much as I love him for how he looks. Except for the “Tarkan” release I got his every album and his songs never fail to move me! If he was born in the US or Britain he’d be a Worldwide megastar. Pity that not everything is being done to promote him outside Turkey the way he deserves it! Thanks for the article on him and – traditionally – size selamlar gonderiyorum!
    PS. What about other gay-possibles, like Murat Boz or Gokhan Ozen???

  3. Sorry..but nobody cares about Tarkan anymore. Except for a few hardcore fans. He is past his prime, and just like Ricky Martin..nobody cares what he releases anymore either. He is old news..and his true fans could care less who he sleeps with. That being said, any gay man who has met him will tell you he IS gay. Gaydar doesn’t

    • Few ? 2 000 000 on Twitter is few ? 600 000 on FB is few ? Thousands on his concerts is few ? Poor stupid girl, Tarkan is Artist, not news, not efemeride pop starlet. He is One and only. His has place in history. Nobody can change this.

      Btw, he is or not gay is not Your business.

  4. gay o no, es HERMOSO!!!!!! Sera el 2do Ricky Martin..Cual es el problema gente???? estamos en el siglo XXI por dios! es famoso, lindo, unico… esta genial que haga con su fama lo que se le pegue la gana!

  5. OMG! I really love him. Wanna kiss him, french kiss, all the kisses that exist, mmm… LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM!

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