Turkey’s Trans Men : The Other Men

383630_389330541151652_2020078308_nAras Güngör is a trans men who was born in Ankara in 1984. After graduating from Konya, Selçuk University Department of International Relations, he worked as an editor in Global Policies Research Center. He had worked in Kaos GL Association, Pink Life Association, Trans remembrance Day and Sex Workers Rights are Human Rights Conferences. And also, he was the editor of issues 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Lubunya journal and took active role in the preparation of those issues. The book “Trans Maleness: Experiences of Female to Male Transsexuals” was also prepared by him.

Güngör is currently giving consultancy to trans men about hormone usage, legal procedures and health. He is working on the book “Other Men”.Unfortunately, there aren’t enough sources in LGBT field in Turkey about the experiences of transmen.”Other Men” will produce concerete results about forms of trans maleness that is not generated by LGBT movement, non-governmental organizations and academia. Hence “Other Men” will accelerate the oranization of trans men and increase their visibility.

Aras Güngör’s book that will shed light on the experiences of trans men from different parts of Turkey, whose voices have never been heard before.

20121220222004-DSCF0165You can support this effort in order to take a look at womanhood, manhood and gender through “Other Men’s” eyes and contribute to: Increasing trans men’s social visibility,displaying daily life problems of trans men,producing a reference guide that will help trans men through health related and legal processes,increasing trans men’s voices within the LGBT movement and the overall gender archive!

You can support and donate to the OTHER MAN book from here

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