Turkish TV’s First Transsexual Character*

Transsexual actress/singer/performer Ayta Sözeri plays the role of the first transsexual character in Turkish series. Although there have been transvestite/transsexual characters in minor roles on Turkish Tv , they were usually a part of crude humor and subject of humiliation. Turkish tv-series KAYIP ŞEHİR(LOST CITY) which was airing on one of the high-rated tv channels (KANAL D) of Turkey now has brought Ayta Sözeri casted as Duygu,a standing-out character which has a part in every episode.

Ayta Sözeri was born in 1976,in Germany and moved to İzmir(Western Turkey) afterwards with her family. She was graduated from Dokuz Eylül Üniversity’s Classical Turkish Music Section and worked with Avni Anıl(one of the greatest Classical Turkish Music composer)’s chorus. She is living in İstanbul and had parts in some Tv series/films and plays before LOST CITY Tv-series.

In her former roles, she was playing minor roles as an “ordinary woman”, so whe was insignificant to television viewers. In the movie GÜNEŞİ GÖRDÜM-I SAW THE SUN (A box-office hit movie about a family who have migrated from southeastern Turkey to İstanbul) she played the role “Tuana” as a transvestite woman in 2009. This role was different from many transvestite roles that have been portrayed in Turkish cinema and tv. Because the character was neither “only a prostitute” or a “only a delirious masculine transvestite”or not mocked in any sense as the viewers were used to watch trans individuals on screen.

In September 2012, Kanal D’s series LOST CITY was aired. This tv-series is embracing different races, origins, professions(like prostitution) and sexual orientations of İstanbul as never before seen on Turkish television. Ayta’s character DUYGU is one of them. The multi-layered and well crafted character Duygu is created by LOST CITY’s great script writers of course but Ayta’s contribution to the role and her acting is marvellous.

Turkish Tv-Series fans usually adore MUHTEŞEM YÜZYIL-MAGNIFICENT CENTURY (Turkish-Ottoman Period Tv Series) but KAYIP ŞEHİR-LOST CITY is definetly a hidden treasure that we (Gays of Turkey) are pleased to watch and very proud of.


Ayta Sözeri as Duygu in a scene from KAYIP ŞEHİR-LOST CITY

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