Meet NURI HARUN ATES:The Confused Countertenor*

It’s the 5th of January,Saturday and we are in Garajİstanbul club/Taksim/İstanbul. The crowd is dancing cheerfully and singing along with Nuri Harun Ateş (AKA Confused Countertenor). The women are dancing freely, there’s nothing absurd about that but the “guys” that we think many of them are heterosexuals are also dancing at ease without thinking if anyone call them a “faggot”. Because the energy of Nuri Harun Ateş and his orchestra(The non-heartbreaker guys) is just like that, without any complex.

Nuri Harun Ateş is a singer that his shows are mostly at Garaj İstanbul Club and also at many places along İstanbul. But to describe him this words are not enough because in his shows he sings a variety of songs such as opera arias,arabesque songs, jazz music, contemporary pop music and Turkish Classical Music. And he mashes up unexpected  songs with each other also. This music spectrum is his trade mark. And because of that he named himself as “Confused”. The three seasons of Mr.Ateş’s succesful  mixed show  is a reaction for the music listeners and people who likes to discriminate everything to a side.

Because of his unique voice (his being a countertenor as a very few singer can be) he could’nt manage to have a proper education in Turkish conservatories. So he had worked in Ada Music (one of Turkey’s boutique music shops) as a clerk in the opera and classical music section. The actor (Murat Daltaban) that he would meet here as a coincidence leds him to a journey with the owners of Garaj İstanbul (Övül-Mustafa Avkıran) for the “Neos Cosmos” project that requires a countertenor just like him. This project wins an award of International Zurich Theater Spektakel. This award also brings a bonus and Mr.Ateş uses this bonus to have an education from Andreas Scholl (one of the most succesful countertenor)’s school. But just in this period Mr.Ateş realises that only opera music is not enough to satisfy his soul and enthusiasm to sing all varieties of songs.He decided that he doesn’t want to stuck in a genre.After this education Mr.Ateş participates in many projects in Europe.

In the recent times, before the “Confused Countertenor Show”, his most acclaimed performance was “Dar-ül love”.Dar-ül Love, which was written by Murat ipek and directed by Ali Cem Köroğlu was about a love of two guys. (This play was slandered by most conservative newspaper, Vakit, at that time) After this play, Mr.Ateş wants to be free of any “direction” or any “flow” as in a stage act and be free to sing whatever he likes. Because of that “Confused Countertenor” is born to fill his favourite songs with the oriental soul that gives him his remarkable, unique voice. And also on stage he’s using feminine notes on his costumes to highlight his reaction to sexual discrimination.

Whenever you are in İstanbul or if you ever come upon to him anywhere, don’t neglect to see Nuri Harun Ateş’s performance to shuffle between all kinds of songs. Leave your discriminations, sexual discriminatons or any kind of differentiatons at home. If a show can convince a group of people full of a club can do this for a couple of hours, isn’t it just wonderful?

Nuri Harun Ateş sings DAN DAN (Turkish version of BANG BANG)

Nuri Harun Ateş’s Teaser for PARADE AMSTERDAM

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