Sexy Turkish Male Belly Dancer :AZAD KAAN*

We like belly dancing as you may know. Other than female belly dance music dancers (danceuse) we have a few male ones. They are usually referred as “gay” even maybe if they’re not.

Belly Dancing is a women’s thing? Think again!

Meet Azad Kaan, he’s the most famous ZENNE or MALE BELLY DANCER from Turkey.

We believe male belly music dancers are hot especially if they’re cute like Azad.

Azad Kaan is graduated stage performer, pedagogue for dance and popular choreographer for contemporary and oriental dance arts from TURKEY and he is one of the most famous and successful male bellydancers in Europe.

With his powerful and very dramatic expression captures Azad the stages of the whole World, for example countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Slovakia, Germany, Turkey, Finland, Morrocco, Ukraine, Slovenia and many more…

Azad is educated in one of the most famous dance academies for contemporary dance in Munich and he is the only one male bellydancer in whole Germany who teaches oriental dance at the state university in Nuremberg. Many universities are inviting Azad for giving classes and seminares. 

As masterteacher is Azad well known fort his well structures and disciplined but very funny and easy classes. He takes the authentic dance and combines with many new style, and as creator of new styles, he gets the idol of many young dancers. 

Gays of Turkey Blog interviewed Azad about his –usually female owned- carreer.

Do you have a problem being referred as “Zenne Dancer”?

Infact i don’t but i am not a Zenne dancer exactly. Zenne is a male dancer in Ottoman history who dressed very feminine like a woman due to female dancers’ banishment.

I’ve received my education in the greatest private conservatory of Europe in the field of modern dance, jazz and ballet. I teach jazz, hip hop, lyric dance besides of oriental dance. What’s different about me is, I am the first dancer who danced along the Turkish Classical Music with the songs of Zeki Müren (One of the greatest singer of Turkish Classical Music )

My style is “modern oriental dance”. I’ve adapted my education to oriental dance. I’ve learned the background dancing for Madonna or Michael Jackson but i’m famous for my oriental dance/Belly music career. Zenne dancer usually just works in local clubs or restaurants but i’m performing on the famous stages of the worlds.  I teach many dancers (danceuses) not to just shake their hips but let their soul go with the music and emphasize the instruments.

When did you decide to be an oriental dancer ?

I didn’t intend to be a dancer at first. I’ve always wanted to work in a bank or a corporate company. And also my family wanted this too. I am a child of a Turkish family who lived/worked in Germany.

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot when i was young. I was successful in all the entrance examinations of this profession but i was scared going to that school. Then i’ve made my master degree in finance/economy. But dance was always my hobby. In the weddings, i was competing with my Romanian friends to be the most lissom dancer.

Then i went to some courses to watch German women’s interest in Oriental dance and culture. Twist of fate, i’ve met the best chorographers. They told met hat i shall be a dancer, i am gifted. Back then i was 250 pounds and cannot even move my feet. I’ve trained in IWANSON Dance Academy working 3 hours a day for fitness and 6 hours a day for dancing. Destiny forced me to dance,thank god it did!

You adore your job of course but are there difficulties of this proffession as it’s a job for mostly women? Have you ever been harrased?

At first, it was hard because i was a ballet dancer.Because even in Europe’s rural areas this is hardly appreciated. People might talk about if you are gay,faggot etc. They think that my parents shall be ashamed. Thank god i am faithful. I was trained for Kuran in Turkish and Arabic.

I’ve tried to hide that i am famous from my family. I don’t want to upset them.But when they see my posters next to Madonna in Russia, they were very proud.  They always had a good confidence in me.

When i was back to my town in Germany ten years later, after i’m famous, i’ve heard things that’ve been spoken behind my back. Not in the street even in the God’s house (Mosque) they were talking if i am a “faggot”or not?  I am over this kind of things. My sexual life is nobody’s business. I am an indulgent guy but the Turkish people in this town are behind the times. They try to protect the “honour” of their so-called community by thinking of Zenne or Dancers’ sexlife but their son/daughter may commit adultery, no worries!

I want to have children in the future also. I want them to remember me as a honorful man.

You’ve been to Israel recently for an International Belly Dance festival. As we know, Israeli goverment does not have good relationships with Arabic world and also with Turkey. What’s the importance of this festival to you?

Music brings dancers, us together. Even if this event takes place in Greece, Syria or Israel. Of course in the airport we had some problems but this festival is Israel’s biggest Oriental Dance festival and i was with one of my dancer friend Serkan Tutar. The open-minded Israeli people liked us and participated in this festival. But we are told it’s not OK to mention that we’re Turkish outside of the festival.

And in the future, what are your plans?

We’ve organised the biggest Oriental Dance festival of Turkey last year with my partner Tara from Germany. Oriental Didem (Famous Turkish danceusse) was invited with 250 dancers from 22 countries. This year we are planning to make the second of this festival.

I am participating with tv shows and films abroad but my goal is to be the number one oriental male dancer in the world. I want young dancers to say “Azad Kaan was our Pioneer” when i’m gone.

Thanks to Azad Kaan for his sincere answers. You can reach Azad Kaan’s events and more info about him from and Azad Kaan from Facebook.


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