Guys in stilettos- KAZAKY* (Exclusive Interview)

I’ve met with Oleg, Kyrill, Artur and Stas in İstanbul yesterday. They’re from Ukraine. Didn’t ring any bells? What if i say they’re the high heeled guys in the Madonna’s GIRL GONE WILD video? Or just their name: KAZAKY?

Kazaky is a Ukranian all-male synthpop dance group, originally made up of Kyryll Fedorenko, Artur Gaspar, Stas Pavlov and Oleg Zhezhel. Assembled inKiev in 2010 by Zhezhel, a skilled cherographer.

The group confronts gender norms by fusing masculine and feminine attributes together, most notably by regularly wearing stiletto heels in videos and live performances.

Kazaky are featured in the Madonna video GIRL GONE WILD. Even if they adore Madonna, they’ve reminded the news reporter that have spoke to them before me that they’re not so happy about this “the guys dancing behind Madonna with high heels” concept to explain their work. They said they were also a well-known group before Madonna’s video.

I’ve spoke to KAZAKY on behalf of Gays of Turkey and all their fans.

Kazaky İstanbul Press Conference-March 15th 2013

Kazaky İstanbul Press Conference-March 15th 2013

Kazaky İstanbul Press Conference-March 15th 2013

Kazaky İstanbul Press Conference-March 15th 2013

-Men wearing high heels? It’s not usual. How did this idea come up?

This was a bet between us. We were teasing each other about “dancing with heels”. Then we started working on this and saw that we can dance like this. After that we decided to perform on stage with heels on. It’s not as hard as it seems. Human can adapt to every condition. We’ve managed to do this working 5-6 hours a day for weeks.

Infact, in the 14th century , men are wearing high heels as a status symbol. So it was not so “unusual” back then.

-Your stage shows, videos, performances have both feminine and masculine notes. Does this have a special reason?

When we were on heels for the first time, we realised that the choreography becomes much much vivid and more graphic. We are only the “guys on heels” and our dance musn’t look like a women’s dance. We were especially careful about that. We try to balance the feminine and masculine notes as to reflect an androgen look.

-Did you get any negative reaction about your style?

No, never. We perform both in gay and non-gay clubs. On the contrary, we always get good reactions from everyone.

-Your new album’s world tour (SECRET MISSION TOUR) started from İstanbul. Why did you choose İstanbul for your tour’s premiere?

We’ve been to istanbul seperately before. We love the atmosphere of İstanbul. It’s always so alive. Especially we like the ezan (prayer)’s tone. When we’ve been offered a show, we didn’t think twice and delightfully accepted it.

-You’ve worked with MADONNA in the GIRL GONE WILD video. What’s it like to work with her?

She’s so professional and a hard worker. Also she loves us so much. She honored us in her video. We are so happy about that. Working with her was a big experience and also a milestone for our carrier.

-You have gay fans usually. Especially in Turkey you have young male gay fans. What do you think of gays? Are you happy about this?

The gays are our most devoted fans and we are so happy about that. Even Madonna and Beyonce tries to gain their sympathy. But in Russia especially young girls and heterosexual guys are also a very big fan of us. And in Ukraine we have older fans.

-Thanks Oleg, Kyrill, Artur and Stas.

We thank you and sending our best wishes to our fans.


Stick to our Facebook PAGE for a live performance video from İstanbul’s show, very soon.

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