My crazy Greece trip: Notes for ORIENT EXPRESS*


Gays of Blogger/DJ  Murat Renay

Gays of Blogger/DJ
Murat Renay

I guess many of you have read about our ORIENT EXPRESS parties cooperation with publisher/editor/media manager Paul Sofianos and his organisations (Paul Sofianos Creative Group and Paul Sofianos Media Group) (Click HERE for details)

To bring the gay community of another country together with Gays of Turkey is always –and will be- our biggest aim. We’ve made a terrific start with Greece.

Planning our events and trip started weeks ago. My partner in Greece, Mr.Sofianos has made all arragements with the event venues and saunas in Thessaloniki and Greece. I’ve arranged my playlist and an oriental dancer from here and we were ready to go one day before the trip. But there was a problem, Greek Embassy of Turkey didn’t give visa to my dancer Hassan, because they are not convinced that he’s going there for business intentions(!)

Anyway, we have to solve this and we were panicking at that last day. Dimitrij, a dancer from Thessaloniki heard our emergency call with the help of Nikolas Kazakos  (Also a great belly dancer from Thessaloniki) and we agreed for his performances in ORIENT EXPRESS events.

I’ve had a 10 hour trip from İstanbul,Turkey to Thessaloniki with bus. The bus was full of Turkish/Greek people who lives in mostly in the towns on this path (Komotini, Kavala and Xhanti). And because of the my trip was full of chatter and couldn’t sleep well.

With this insomniac trip i was finally in Thessaloniki and met Paul and the other dj St.Galen in our hotel. Verginia Hotel is in the heart of Thessaloniki and very close to gay venues.  We’ve made our breakfast and headed to Thessaloniki bay. On the way this crazy Greeks had a photoshoot at the various places in this city for Mr.Sofianos’ latest magazine as he’s a successful publisher  in Greece.

Then when it’s 4 pm. It’s time for our sauna party in the Thessaloniki’s best gay sauna Splash. Splash staff greeted us with Sangria and we entertain their guests with our music and shows. Our stripper Sterios was really hot. He stripped full monty and teased us all. And also our belly dancer Dimitrij showed how to shake our bellies.

In the sauna, a guy around his 60’s came near to me, with only a towel on his belly and said he came to greet us Turks by saying “hoş geldin”(welcome).Thanks to him by the way.

After Splash Sauna, we headed to Tapas Bar in the Ladadika area for our dinner. It was really a nice dinner (full of delicious tapas dishes and Paella) with our lady host who thinks that i am a Greek also and talked in all evening Greek adressing me 🙂

When the dinner was over, it’s time for our Dada Photography Club show. Some guests were Turkish (like the world famous belly dancer Azad Kaan) and came all over Greece for this party. It was also a nice performance for me and our sexy dancers and our sexy dj, St.Galen.

When it was around 6am, i finally get to sleep.

Read Part 2 (Athens) here

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