Gays of Blogger/DJ  Murat Renay

Gays of Blogger/DJ
Murat Renay


(Read Part 1:Thessaloniki from here)

Next morning at 10AM, we hopped on the Athens train. It was a six-hour ride and this three loud Greek guys talked all the way :).  I’ve listened to them as a Christos Dantis song (It’s a Greek singer who cries too loud when he’s singing)

Athens greeted us with warmer weather. I left my stuff at the Dorian Inn hotel at Omonia area and promised myself to enjoy the wonderful terrace view of Athens later and headed to our party in Alexander Sauna.

Alexander Sauna is the biggest (4 floors) sauna in Greece which is located in Gazi area of Athens, near Iera Odos Avenue. In the party we played in the X-Action Area below. It was great party with our hot stripper in Athens and Dimitrij as a belly dancer. The guests found more than they asked for, a good steamy sex(maybe) but a definetly a hot party with good music & dancers.

I’ve seen some hot escorts there. I was informed that, because of the crisis the price of escorts were low than usual. But still, i didn’t spend my money to these guys, maybe 10 years later when i am older 🙂

Before our  Fou Club performance we’ve wandered around Gazi and Keramekios area to have a bite. Veramiko was the place for our low-budget snacks. (1,20 Euros for a double XL sized hot dog?WTF?)

My Fou Club performance was started at 2AM and after me, our belly dancer performed. The crowd in the club seemed happy so i was happy.

Fou Club is one of the most popular gay clubs in Athens. It’s a bear and bear-curious club mostly. And the people were extremely(!) friendly 🙂

Our hot stripper was fully naked and showed his everything in the shower/dance platform during the night.

When the party was over it was nearly 7.30AM and the people were dancing(still). I headed back to my hotel and –also- couldn’t sleep much because of all the booze and the energy drinks i’ve had.

On my last day in Greece, i’ve spent my hours walking around Plaka, Acropolis area. I ate a really big kebap and many Souflakis.(Famous Greek meat/pork wrap) Also i’ve seen many cute Tassos’, Dimitrijs,Andreas’ and Sakisses 🙂 This is a Greek cop for instance. Isn’t he hot as hell?

I left Greece watching my view from the Dorian Inn Hotel in a sunny Monday and while i am free, i wandered around Grindr, Scruff and Growlr apps to find a hot Greek guy but they were all working at that time so i couldn’t get acquainted with many Greek guys but nevermind, i’ll be back soon i guess, maybe to Mykonos huh?

I am thankful to Mr.Sofianos, Stratos Galinos (AKA St.Galen), Dimitrij Pekos,Soterios Chatzis and all our team for their company and to all Greek people for their hospitality. Wait to hear from me soon 🙂

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