Ready to find your Gay Love Spirit?

Gay Love Spirit Logo

I came across a really interesting website : GAY LOVE SPIRIT

At first glance, i thought it’s an ordinary personal development website telling bunch of stuff but i realised that it’s not.

You must see it for urself but to summarize it, Gay Love Spirit is a practical, experience based program where you explore physical, emotional and spiritual layers. Gay Love Spirit is an international network of trainers and healers. They create safe settings, in which men can consciously explore with other men the interplay of sex and spirit. For that purpose they offerworkshopstrainings and individual sessions.

You will learn to express and respect your needs and boundaries so you can create a life where you make choices from self-trust and contact with your authentic inner voice rather than through fear or old patterns.

Practical skills that we work with throughout the program include breath work, touch, massage, role-play, movement, sharing and rituals.

And here’s the good news, GAY LOVE SPIRIT team is here in İstanbul for a special workshop this weekend. You can find the details here on their website

The trainer Thomas  and his assistants will accompany you through the weekend, and show you the world of Gay Love Spirit.

You can book from here among the limited places.

GAY LOVE SPIRIT can visit your country anytime soon, so please check their calendar also…

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