Meet the talent:Performance Artist-Arascan Dönmez *

Meet Arascan Dönmez, a young modern art performance artist from Turkey.


Many people got acquainted with 25 yrs old Arascan by his sensational interview with Ayşe Arman (One of the best journalists of Turkey who is famous for her great interviews) in the newspaper Hurriyet. This interview was about a guy who were sexually abused by his father. He was a victim of incest. (Or we think he was!)

But i turns out that, this interview was fake. I mean it was a part of his last performance “Dancing with snow in August (Ağustos’ta Karla Dans)”. To underline the  bad outcomes of incest, Arascan wanted to give this interview to Ayşe Arman as it’s a real story.

He reached his goal and definetly attracted some attention.

Arascan’s next performance was “Let’s make a rice pilav with tomato (Hadi Gel Domatesli Pilav Yapalım)” which he portrayed a dog as a tribute to Oleg Kulik ( a famous performance artist from Russia). He was appreciated by performance art loversin Turkey and also criticised by theatre acrtess’ that his perfomance was not attached to any text and his performance contains so much improvisation.

Arascan defends himself due to this criticisms as he’s NOT an actor but a perfomance artist. So he doesn’t need to attach any script.

arascan_donmez_1Arascan’s next performance is about a life without sex. It’s called WITHOUT SEX (SEKS-SİZ). He’ll be screening this performance with contributions of Mersin University. He says that he’s so bored of İstanbul’s theatre owner’s procedures.

The paparazzis are chasing him nowadays trying to learn the juicy details about his personal life. Also he’s preparing a book about his transformation and losing 45 kilos (Nearly 110 pounds) and also working as a life coach.

Arascan says that “Love conquers all. If he fells in love some day, he wouldn’t mind his lover can be a guy or a girl.”

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