New Generation Family:Social Gay Families*

You may know that we, gays of Turkey are not allowed to get married. (With each other of course :)) Despite all the norms and rules of our society, some gays (age of 17-27) have builded a family and gathered together under the same surname: DENNIS FAMILY

Dennis family members are using the same surname (DENNIS) in their social media profiles and coming together often in special occasions. Family members are attached to each other and loyalty is their most important topic.


You may find this incident “ridiculous” but this new generation families has it’s own manifest and strict rules.

I have spoken to the founder of this interesting constitution, Furkan (AKA Stefan Dennis ) about the DENNIS FAMILY.

Stefan Dennis has came up with this idea because of the Facebook’s name/surname declaring mandatory when you sign up. As long as people are not comfortable sharing their gay identity under their real surname, this social surname idea came in handy to them. The members of Dennis Family has increased very quickly. “But this movement itself was never planned beforehand” says Stefan.

Stefan Dennis

Stefan Dennis

Dennis family is build onto respect, love, loyalty and trust. The family members are keeping their public spirit.

Family members accept new members if they are a reasonable, decent person without discriminating any language, race or ethnic origin.

Of course some members have been kicked out of the family or punished before, due to their violation of the family rules.

Family members cannot engage sexually or emotionally with each other. That’s one of the major rules of the family.

Let me phrase that this “social gay family” concept is %100 Turkish and not available in any other country.

Long live social gay families! 🙂


Dennis Family Gathered

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4 responses to “New Generation Family:Social Gay Families*

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  2. GREAT CONCEPT based on loyalty…Nevertheless Love is imprectible and also a loyal feeling. What may happen when one of the member fall in love with another member of DENNIS family? According to the rules I imagine they have to be kicked out of the “family” and protected “cocoon” and get back to the “wild world” what a pity!

  3. Turkish queers have been discriminated and despised even by their own families, straight friends and getting out of the closet is still a big challange for many of us. Heterosexist pressure and social paranoia leads to real psychological damages for the gay people who feels to be discreet all the time and cannot be themselves even in their mind. That’s why, this friendly-family concept sounds like a great formation which might give a chance for the people feeling lonely to socialize and have a great time with the people who feels and acts like themselves. Nonetheless, I hope they are not one of those close friend groups which gets together only to have fun yet they can organize, fight against homophobia and save as many lgbt people as they can.

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