One Night In Love


LOVE DANCE POINT is one of the oldest gay venues of İstanbul, this season hosting  it’s guests with good music as always, hunkiest and cutest gogo boys and of course the mad entertainer Faciya Von Tiss.

We’re here in LOVE tonight. LOVE DANCE POINT is a legendary night club among gays for nearly a decade.

image (2)

When entering through the club door, bodyguards are on to their  routine controls for us to have fun without any security issues.

After we enter inside, we can see the stage on the left and large bar in front of us.  It’s getting more crowded after 1am on this Saturday night. Cute gays of İstanbul are inside. They are a bit snobbish at the beginning of the night, but with the beats of Deejay Can , they’ll go with the flow.

Deejay Can and the crowd

Deejay Can and the crowd

When it’s around 2 am, we can see the gorgeous gogo boys on the bar and on the stage.

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Also Faciya Von Tiss is on the stage, who is dressed as wacky as she can be one more time.

Faciya Von Tiss

Faciya Von Tiss

Hot waiters and bartenders are also teasing us all through the night but our eyes stare among the crowd to catch a seductive look directed onto us.

Nevertheless party in Love Dance Point goes on till 4am with all the excitement as it’s on every Friday and Saturday.

When we’re leaving there they remind us about their next event.

Rihanna @Love Party on Friday May 31st,2013 with Dj Burak Şahin  and also Dj Cenk Erdem. They’ll play the best songs,remixes of Rihanna all through the night. We won’t miss it for the world of course.


For more pics and more information about LOVE DANCE POINT click here 

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