Turkish Awakening: Occupy Gezi

Maybe you’ve heard about the protests in Turkey, if you didn’t, here’s the story:


Many friends throughout the world asked us: Are you fine?

Yes, we’re OK.

We’ll be much much better.

Gays of Turkey were on the streets with every kind of people from Turkey to protest!

fotoğraf (1)

We’ve fighted for our rights, against dictatorship of our goverment leaded by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Our fight is not just for a park, not for the trees only, it’s a fight for all of us for being free.

Millions of people from almost all of the Turkey’s cities were in the streets, calling Erdoğan to resign immediately.

But today, our prime minister Erdoğan called all the protestors ” A bunch of pillagers”. He’s still underestimating the power of the public.

In these pictures that are collected from social media and news agencies, i’ve tried to show the TURKISH AWAKENING.

Thanks to the original owners of these pictures and all our friends abroad (including Bruce Willis, Madonna, Miranda Kerr, Mark Zuckerberg, Tilda Swinton,Josh Duhamel ,Moby and Femen Girls) who supported us.

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