Gay (and shirtless) YouTube Sensation: Davey Wavey (Exclusive Interview)

For those, who still doesn’t know Davey Wavey, he’s a YouTube personality with more than 90 million video views in more than 160 countries around the world.
He is using his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance and the occasional penis joke, Davey Wavey has become one of the leading online voices for the gay and lesbian community.
Also as a certified personal trainer, Davey Wavey believes that honoring your body is an extension of honor your life—and has launched several fitness programs and videos including The Jock Workout, The Davey Wavey Weight Loss Program and Underwear Yoga.
Davey is still spreading his fun videos from his channels, also he’s the cover of world-famous Spartacus Gay Travel Guide and recenly he launched his apparel brand.
You can find all information about him here 
We, Gays of Turkey love Davey and wanted to make an exclusive interview. He answered our questions.
-I couldn’t find about your age and horoscope anywhere. Please make this information clear for us all 🙂
I’m 29 and my sign is Cancer.
-How and when did you decide to make videos?
I started making videos almost six years ago. Initially, I started a blog that I used as an online journal. I never intended for anyone to read my blog, and for the most part, no one did. Eventually, I started recording short videos to add to my blog. In 10 or 20 years, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I was doing with my life. One day, I looked out my window and caught my neighbor masturbating – and so I made a video about it. Millions of people watched that video and the rest is history!
-With your videos you’re contributing LGBTQ community that’s for sure. What can you say about this mission of yours?
For me, having an audience comes with a bit of responsibility. I love doing videos that are funny, irreverent and silly – but, at their core, I try to infuse all of my videos with a good, positive message. The LGBTQ community is one that needs a lot of support, and I try to do my small part through the content that I create.
-You like “penis jokes” in your videos, will that go on?
For as long as my heart keeps beating.
-You travel many countries. Where did you like the most? And i guess you’ll be travelling abroad till the end of 2013. To which places?
Some of my favorite places in the world are actually quite close to home. I love the culture of Toronto but the climate of southern California. If only we could combine the two. In a few hours, I’m leaving for a trip to Israel and then spending most of my summer in Los Angeles. In September, I’ll be embarking on a world tour to eight, fan-selected cities around the world. It’s going to be epic!
-What do you know about Turkey and Turkish LGBTs? Would you like to come to Turkey and why?
I don’t know much about Turkey or its LGBTQ community which is all the more reason to visit. When you step outside of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.
Special thanks to Davey Wavey. Hope to see him around in Turkey in couple of months, who knows, huh 🙂
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