GEZİ, PARK AND OUR KIDS!* (LGBT ACTIVISTS in #occupygezi Resistance)

(Bu yazının Türkçe versiyonu’da)

Turkey has been lectured a fast democracy course in the past 10 days. But this “democracy” is not what our prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan describes, only supporting the ones that  shares the same idea and interest with you but it means embracing every diversity and breathe the same air with them peacefully.

When it’s pure freedom that everybody’s fighting for, it was so easy for the protesters to become as ONE even they may have been a nemesis to each other in the history.

When Taksim (Place where Gezi Park is located) became the symbol of resistance, every place that people are protesting became Taksim. Some of them were nationalists as the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal(Ataturk) or patrionists and some of them are supporting BDP( Kurdish Majority Party in Parliament). Some of them were conservative girls wearing turban –“who were supposed to be very upset and barely kept home” as our prime minister said in one of his speeches- or really classy and fashionable ladies that may have never came to Taksim before other than dining in fancy restaurants. Everyone was there – and they are still there actually-

Taksim was never crowded like this before maybe but other than Police attacking to non-armed civilians, nobody was even argued with each other. Protesters were all in solidarity. We “finally” understand even though we are different we are on the “same side”

This terrific illustration below was made by Alper Çağlar, who’s a Star Wars fan-obviously-, shows the perfect summary of the groups that are fighting together -or with each other-. [C-P3PO’s being illustrated as the LGBT group is just marvellous. I’ve always suspected that he/she was gay even when i was a child:)]

936338_624687534208921_25975992_n (1)

One of the “watcher” groups of Gezi Park, LGBT Blok, is hosted by LGBT individuals and their parents. They served some snacks to the visitors of Gezi Park, as every group does. Some visitors of this booth couldn’t realised what the “Rainbow Flag” meant at first glance, but when they understand that this was the booth of LGBTs, they didn’t show any negative reaction, even a frowning face because in this Gezi Rebuplic everyone is equal.

The LGBTs –our kids- were marching on the Gezi Park road carrying the banner written “WHAT THE FUCK IS “FORBIDDEN”.  This is really a great summary about our(gays) state of mind in this season of resistance.


Gezi Park –which many people living in İstanbul didn’t even notice before this resistance- stands in a very significant place in Turkish LGBT history.

In case that you can feel –you wouldn’t but- out of place about LGBTs existence in Gezi Park resistance you must think twice. Because Gezi Park was always one of the famous crusing places of gays and trans individuals** (and known by many tourists). And also because of this popularity many LGBT individuals were harrased, beaten and robbed there by the expoliters.

Because Gezi Park was always “unique” for LGBTs, LGBTs must be unique for Gezi Park resistance. And because of that our kids are –and will always be- there.

The pepper spray? It’s not the pepper spray that has been spreaded to Turkey’s atmosphere, it’s the wave of democracy, please inhale, inhale more of it!

*This title is a reference to the Turkish Film Director Atıf Yılmaz’s legendary LGBT movie  “Gece,Melek ve Bizim Çocuklar-Night,Angel and Our Kids”

**The opening scenes of acclaimed Turkish Indie Movie ZENNE-ZENNE DANCER was shot in Gezi Park itself.


*** Thanks to the original photographers of these pictures

 ****All materials, content and forms contained on this website are the intellectual property of Gays of and Murat Renay and may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed without backlinking to our website as the source.

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