“Oh mon dieu”

What a weekend was that in Strasbourg!

Gays of Turkey.com is going on travelling the world.

On the June 15th, i was in Strasbourg as a DJ for the Pride March and also closing party of the Festigays (La Nuit Des Festigays)

This great trip was organised and hosted by the new, colorful travel agent of France, Rainbow Travel.

Monsieur Mathieu Clavon from Rainbow Travel FR has organised all the events perfectly that i never wanted to come back from that lovely city of France.

Let me tell you more about this adventure :

On the Friday 14th afternoon, i have arrived to Strasbourg and directly went to the La Laiterie-Artefact (The party venue) for the preparations. Also made an interview with a journalist, dear Yağmur for the region’s most powerful newspaper DNA 


At the evening, i wandered around Le Petit France area which my lovely Hotel Chut was located. I’ve met with the guys from Rainbow Travel and had an appetizer called Lillet. It’s a wonderful spirit for the sweet wine lovers.


For the dinner,  we went to Flamme & Co to eat the improvised version of Alsace region’s famous dish Tarte Flambee. Yummy!

fotoğraf (1)

On the Saturday morning, Rainbow Travel team was all ready at the Place de l’Universite  for the Pride March(Marche Des Visibilites). We’ve attended the first gay marriage of Alsace area.

Yves Lorentz and Patrice Strub

The President of Festigays Mr.Yves Lorentz has married to Patrice Strub.(Congrats to newlyweds! :))


After our truck is ready, i am ready to play the world and Turkish tunes to the Strasbourg community.

It was a 3-hour long march and i have enjoyed every moment of it. Our queens (Demeter, Brandy), show girl (Cali), gogo boy (Allison) and all our crew were amazing.

This march ended with this scene below. Everyone seemed so happy and free.



At night when it’s midnight, it’s time for me to take over the Grand stage of La Nuit Des Festigays party on La Laiterie-Artefact.


I’ve played near 2 hours on the stage with guests more than a thousand. Our gogo boys and drag queens were all over the place. We had a big fun.

On Sunday, i’ve wandered a little bit more around this city and joined #occupyturkey protests in the square at Strasbourg.

For the 3 days that i’ve spent in Strasbourg everything went well, thanks to Rainbow Travel’s staff(Mathieu Clavon,Olivier Bgmt, Eric Ivens,Abdullah Alioğlu).

 For more information about them please go to their home page.

Also here are some articles about them (in French)




 Check out the photo album of this crazy weekend

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