MEET THE TALENT: Patrick Mettraux

Patrick Mettraux

We want you to meet a talent –if you don’t know him yet- Pattrick Mettraux, a 42 yrs old photographer  from Switzerland.

At the beginning of his career, aged 20, he worked in Montreal,Canada. Infact, he went to Canada to follow his lover and due to the visa problems  he registered to a school about photography. He got that “photography virus” that never let him go. Then got back to Geneva,Switzerland to work  for a several model agencies and magazines. Then he worked on fashion photography and illustration using collages.

His provocative photos with sexy male models definetly attracts attention of gays. Most of you would remember his photos with the sexy French porn actor Francois Sagat.

Patrick has a huge portfolio on fashion photography, photo books, posters and has a website that puts most nightclubs to shame.

Patrick’s last work is a raunchy calendar about hot boys with sneakers,SNEAX 2014.

Mettraux_Sneax_2014_cover_3dYou can find more information about this product here.

Here are some of the best works* of Mr.Mettraux. Hope that he’ll make a photo shoot in Turkey with sexy Turkish guys some day 🙂

*Photos may be copyrighted. They are used for non-commercial purposes as to show Mr.Patrick Mettraux’s work.

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