Turkish Bromance or Gay Romance?: Hilmi Cem and Murat

Turkish “Survivor” which was shoot on Panama a couple of months ago, hosted a bromance (or gay romance) between Hilmi Cem İntepe and Murat Ceylan, the contestants of the show.

During the shooting, these two guys were so close that some people mocked them with the jokes like “Romeo and Juliet or Hilmi Cem and Murat”

Infact, in Turkey these kind of bromance is common and most Turkish guys are often comfortable to express their feelings to their close male friends without hesitation of being called as gay. But even the thought of these two cute guys falling in love made us happy.

In a talk show on Tv after the Survivor was over, Hilmi Cem and Murat were asked about the “gay rumours” and they answered that they are respectful of these thoughts but it’s not true and they don’t care about these gossips.

See the pics and decide if this rumours are true.

Hilmi Cem and Murat was also a subject of fan videos like this 🙂

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