In the memory of Zeki Muren : Biggest gay icon of Turkish Entertainment

Zeki_MürenHe was one of the pioneers of Turkish Music and entertainment.

And also, with his courage to wear feminine stage costumes on the stage as a male singer, he was one of the the oldest and the greatest gay icon of Turkey.

Müren dressed wearing large, ornate rings and heavy make up, especially in the later years of his life. In many ways, he had a pioneering role in rendering the Turkish society more accepting about homosexuality. He, with his distinct style, remained a highly respected artist throughout his career, and in a sense, paved the way for many later, more openly gay or transsexual Turkish artists. His visual style shows many similarities with Valentino Liberace.

Infact, contradictory to his looks and attitude, he had never admitted that he was gay and constantly spreaded the rumours that he has been having romantic affairs with women.

Zeki Müren was born in Bursa,Turkey on 6 December 1931, died in İzmir on 24 September 1996 while shooting a tv show. He was a prominent Turkish singer, composer, and actor. He was famous for his compelling voice and precise articulation in his singing of both established Turkish Classical Music and contemporary songs.

In his forty-five-year professional career Müren composed more than three hundred songs and made more than six hundred recordings. He was celebrated as “the sun of art” and was affectionately called  “Pasha”. For many years, he reigned as “Artist of the Year” Many of Müren’s records were also published in Greece where he also enjoyed popularity, along with the U.S., Germany, Iran and several other countries during the 1960s and 1970s.

On this day of he was deceased, we would like to send him our grace. We are sure, whereever he is now, his dress is fabulous and dashing.

As a gay icon Zeki Müren was a subject of LGBT Gezi Resistance and LGBT Pride March  in June 2013

As a gay icon, Zeki Müren was one of the subjects in LGBT Gezi Resistance and LGBT Pride March in June 2013

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