Dj Murat Renay goes to Copenhagen/Denmark

Murat Renay, author of two sensational books about homophobia is a 35 years old gay man from Turkey. Other than his noteworthy Turkish ( and English ( blogs, his latest ambition is reaching out to local and international crowds by entertaining them with his mixes.

After the ORIENT EXPRESS parties held in Greece on March 2013, where he was the starred DJ, Murat Renay headed to France to be the one of the official DJ’s of Strasbourg Gay Pride Festival (Festigays) in June 2013. During this time, Murat was also interviewed by the Alsace Region’s best newspaper DNA ( Les dernières nouvelles d’Alsace).

He’s the first and still the only open gay DJ from Turkey that represents Turkish LGBT individuals in the international gay scene.

Murat Renay’s next stage performance will be in Copenhagen-Denmark at Nov 30th, 2013 at Block 66 for SABAAH, which is an organization for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people with ethnic minority background. (
His plans for 2014 will be to continue to write, converse and dj on behalf of all Turkish gays.

His website ‘Gays of’ is a contemporary guide for Turkey’s LGBT scene and culture.


You can listen to Dj Murat Renay’s sounds here:

Also for a more detailed bio, here is his blog:

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