LOCAL TURKISH DELIGHTS Vol.1: Semih Kalyoncuoglu

Ready for the Local Turkish Delights?

Gays Of Turkey will present you friendly – and also the cutest- local guys in Turkey.

Semih is our first Turkish stud.

He’s working in tourism but also modeling time to time. He’s a happy boy who likes to pose (as u can see) 🙂 .

Yes he’s not a brunette like most of the Turkish guys but a hot Turkish blondie.

Semih is a Scorpio and 1.80 cm tall ,71 kgs (155 pounds) with mesmerising green eyes.

He likes to skate rollers, going to gym often and still playing with toys sometimes 🙂

Here’s the photo album of Semih.

Thanks for being a good friend of mine and all the best wishes for him 🙂 

To follow him on Instagram : @stcrunch

To add Semih on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/stcrunch

**Gays of Turkey” blog has no wish to implicate anything about this individual’s sexual orientation whatsoever.

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