About “Gays Of Turkey”

Gays of Turkey is an independent blog for news,tips,stories about Gay Turkey Scene and also blog posts for gay tourism worldwide from a Turkish gays’ perspective.

The blog writer is Murat Renay

Murat Renay…

-was born in İzmir/Turkey in 1978 as a Taurus.

-was graduated from one of the best Cinema-tv colleges in Turkey.

-is still working in the IT/Telecommunication industry from 1999 to present.

-has started to fight against homophobia with the method he knows best: Being “homohobby” on Twitter and tweeting about it from April 2010.

-has begun writing his essays in his own blog : http://homohobi.blogspot.com (in Turkish only) on July 2010. The blog readers’ warm interest to his essays leds him to publish his very first book “bir homohobi kitabı- SÖYLENMEYEN”(a homohobby book-THE UNSAID) on February 2011. This book was unique in it’s own way and became a likable guide for gays, bisex, bi- curious and non-homophobes.

-has published his second book also based on the same subject with the name “BEN SENİN BİLDİĞİN ERKEKLERDEN DEĞİLİM (I am not the typeof guys that you’d know)

-is the founder of Gays Of Turkey Blog

-is a columnist at Metrosfer.com (Independent News Portal)

-is the founding partner and editor-in-chief of Turkey’s first gay lifestyle magazine G ZONE

-is the official sales agent of the Turkey region of Spartacus International and HORNET APP

-is now tweeting on Twitter under the nickname @muratrenay and @140xxx and he is also a DJ in various kinds of parties among Turkey and Europe.

Read Murat Renay’s dot429.com Member Spotlight from here

Send murat.renay@gaysofturkey.com for all enquiries 

For Murat Renay’s DJ Page click here

Murat Renay's GT MAGAZINE "Letter From Turkey" article

Murat Renay’s GT MAGAZINE “Letter From Turkey” article

Murat Renay's French DNA newspaper interview

Murat Renay’s French DNA newspaper interview

__________________________________________________________Visit Murat Renay’s DJ MURAT RENAY PAGE web site from here 


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