Istanbul Gay Guide


İstanbul is, without a doubt, the leading metropolis of Turkey as well as a bridge to the Orient.

The city itself is a cacophony of sights, sounds and smells, from the bustling harbor where the aroma of freshly fried fish and spices pervade the air to the tranquil serenity of the Blue Mosque. Here over 6,000 years of history comes to life with every street corner you turn. The skyline is a vivid mix of the ancient and modern, streamlined contemporary skyscrapers compete with majestic edifices and in the warm glow of a sunset when from the minarets the call to pray drifts across the city, the magic is complete. The timeless atmosphere of this ancient city fills your senses.


Istanbul has a very active gay life, which can be called “advanced” from a Western viewpoint. In spite of the prejudices about Turkey, gay life in Istanbul is colorful in many ways. Istanbul is however strongly influenced by Islam. Emancipated homosexuals, from the viewpoint of the west, do exist as does a silent tolerance. But mostly Islamic values dominate daily life here, meaning one should be very discreet in public places.

In Turkey, there 11 registered LGBT associations and approximately 20  student clubs and initiatives advocating for LGBT rights. Since 2003, LGBT associations are organising the Pride Parade that takes place in the heart of the city: Istiklal Street (located in Taksim area -also called Beyoglu- like many gay places exist)

fft7_mf2832534In our Istanbul Gay Guide pages we’ll list the best gay spots known and we’ll RECOMMEND some of them with our “GAYS OF TURKEY RECOMMENDS” icon, so you can click on their specially crafted page exclusively for and get more information.

If you ever go the places that GaysOf Turkey Recommends, don’t forget to mention our name and say “hi” 🙂






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*Please note that our listed “gay places” are for information purposes only. and does not take any responsibility for your safety in these establishments.




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