Baths and Saunas





Aquarius Sauna

This friendly and local sauna is in the heart of the city with large pool, jacuzzi, private massage service, cafe-bar and private cabins. Mostly local boys are here. Not a trend yor modern place rather a down-to –earth crowd.

Adress: Istiklal Caddesi.Sadri Alisik Sokak.No:29/1 Beyoglu

Opening hours: 24 hrs

Contact:+90 212 251 89 24


Cihangir Sauna & Hammam

Crowded mostly on weekends. One must act discreet. For bear and mature lovers. Small private rooms and dark room available.

Adress: Altipatlar Sokak. No:8 Beyoglu (Near Istiklal Street)

Opening hours: Mon & Fri 09.00-21.00, Saturday & Sun 09.00-22.00

Contact:+90 212 243 06 93



Firuzağa Hamami

Mostly down-to-earth crowd but appeals various gay men mostly on weekends. Darkroom and sauna room.

Adress: Firuzağa Mahallesi.Çukur Cuma Caddesi.No:2, Beyoğlu

Opening hours: 05.00-02.00

Contact:+90 212 243 15 62


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